Healing benefits of wheatgrass



With this product you definitely feel a boost in energy, you intestinal tract feels healthier, you simply feel better overall. This taken with Vitamin C is a definite game changer. Love this product.

Manuel G

I have really bad eating habits and it's been taking a toll on my body. Been feeling really sluggish with low energy. This product was recommended to me. I started drinking it with water every morning before breakfast. The first day I got a light headache, did a little research and turns out it was the detoxing effects. I was in worst shape than I though. So far I been taking it for 3 weeks and I feel great. I feel much more energetic and I'm sleeping much better. Definitely recommend this product!

Amazon shopper

I'm really glad that I learned about this product. It's really been helpful when I needed a boost of energy, muscle recovery, and clarity. Also it's all plantbased and packed with nutrients!!!

I typically drink it first thing in the morning before my first meal of the day, and I drink it after a hard workout.

Also, this was really helpful as well when I was competing at my Strongman competition about a month ago, as it kept me fueled throughout the long hot, and intense events. I'll definitely be sure to keep this with my training regimen.

This is also good for a natural day to day booster when my energy levels drop at work, and I just take a serving of this with some coconut water.

I highly recommend this product as an athlete and someone who advocates for natural ingredients. You won't be disappointed

CJ Cameron